Lisa Ryder | About Lisa
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The Story

Since setting up her studio in the West of Ireland in 2011, Lisa has strived to bring crafted luxury and no small amount of fun, vibrancy and creativity to the accessories market. As a small label Lisa and her team, try and do as much as they can in house. Every print in her collection is personally designed by Lisa. However, a small label does need some help. Who, where and how was she going to bring her ideas to life? bel paese, Italia

For us, one answer to this conundrum kept appearing; il bel paese, Italia, with all its tradition. Italy boasts some of the finest manufacturing houses in the world. Through some tough negotiations, and several espressos, Lisa and her trusty side kick Giorgio found just the right factory. They allow her to develop her designs on a small limited scale so she can bring a well crafted, creative and limited edition product to you, the discerning collector.

Waterfall Handbag by Lisa Ryder Handbags Ireland