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The everyday tote bag

Hello All.


We are very excited to announce the arrive of our new tote bag this season. In comes in three stand out prints.

Our First tote we will introduce is titled “We Zig You Zag”. When we designed this piece we were inspired by the hedgerows that lay along our roadsides. Seeing beauty in the mundane. The Chevron repeats adds a more structured and masculine element to the  print. Yet the the over all effect is truly feminine.



Our second handbag is simple titled “Stripe’ . This design is all about the organic and the masculine. The main body of the print is is an arrangement of wild flowers and foliage, off set by a bold stripe. The print is set slightly off centre so when you have the bag resting underneath your shoulder the true impact of the print so it is not lost.


Then finally our ‘flock’ Tote bag. The colours chosen for this bag are more Autumnal. We were looking at the life that grows and thrives in our wild shrubbery . The explosion of colour that happens through out the year. From Summer to Autumn, Autumn to Winter. So this prints combines a lot of deep blues, evergreens with hits of orange, mustard and dusky pinks.




New Product: Wrap up this winter




Hello ,

We here at the Lisa Ryder Studio are really excited to announce that the SCARF IS BACK!

It has been many months of travelling around the north of Italy trying to find the right factory thats fits well with our brand.

Our journey took us to the shores of lake Como to the doorstep of a traditional Italian manufacturing family. Whom pride

themselves on quality and craftsmanship. Who work hand in hand with our brand to insure that each piece is printed to perfection.

Lisa Ryder Designs

“Each pieces in this season collection is hand illustrated. We chose very bright vibrant colours so as to invigorate the wear

and a soft subtle silk satin to evoke luxury.”

Brambles Take Over FancyNew-Scarf-1 Scarf



It has been along time coming but we promise you once you feel this silk fabric against your skin you will never want to wrap yourself up in anything else.

If you see something you like please use the code earlyholidaygift to get 20% of your purchase along with free worldwide shipping

this Christmas.

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