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The everyday tote bag

Hello All.


We are very excited to announce the arrive of our new tote bag this season. In comes in three stand out prints.

Our First tote we will introduce is titled “We Zig You Zag”. When we designed this piece we were inspired by the hedgerows that lay along our roadsides. Seeing beauty in the mundane. The Chevron repeats adds a more structured and masculine element to the  print. Yet the the over all effect is truly feminine.



Our second handbag is simple titled “Stripe’ . This design is all about the organic and the masculine. The main body of the print is is an arrangement of wild flowers and foliage, off set by a bold stripe. The print is set slightly off centre so when you have the bag resting underneath your shoulder the true impact of the print so it is not lost.


Then finally our ‘flock’ Tote bag. The colours chosen for this bag are more Autumnal. We were looking at the life that grows and thrives in our wild shrubbery . The explosion of colour that happens through out the year. From Summer to Autumn, Autumn to Winter. So this prints combines a lot of deep blues, evergreens with hits of orange, mustard and dusky pinks.




New Product: Wrap up this winter




Hello ,

We here at the Lisa Ryder Studio are really excited to announce that the SCARF IS BACK!

It has been many months of travelling around the north of Italy trying to find the right factory thats fits well with our brand.

Our journey took us to the shores of lake Como to the doorstep of a traditional Italian manufacturing family. Whom pride

themselves on quality and craftsmanship. Who work hand in hand with our brand to insure that each piece is printed to perfection.

Lisa Ryder Designs

“Each pieces in this season collection is hand illustrated. We chose very bright vibrant colours so as to invigorate the wear

and a soft subtle silk satin to evoke luxury.”

Brambles Take Over FancyNew-Scarf-1 Scarf



It has been along time coming but we promise you once you feel this silk fabric against your skin you will never want to wrap yourself up in anything else.

If you see something you like please use the code earlyholidaygift to get 20% of your purchase along with free worldwide shipping

this Christmas.

Browse the collection Lisa Ryder designs Silk Scarves


They has finally arrived.

LisaRyderTassle-KeyRing-32-Edit LisaRyderTassle-KeyRing-38-Edit


And Guess what!

Good things do come in small packages.

We’ve created a range of detachable key chains, printed with same graphics as our Surreal world collection. A more subtle way to wear the collection, they’re created using the same craftsmanship, materials and humour as our bags.

I hope you enjoy the images. They are exclusive and onsale online.


Totally dublin interview

image 3b

LISA RYDER INTERVIEW Follow us on TwitterLike us on Facebook

Lisa Ryder is the queen of printed leather handbags. Her distinctive and dynamic designs are a captivating snapshot into the imagination of the Mayo-based award-winning designer. Totally Dublin decided to find out how deep the flamingo hole goes.

What brought you to print design?

I did my BA in GMIT Galway, and I did my MA in the Glasgow School of Art. When I first started in GMIT, I gravitated towards fine art in paint. In first year you have to do modules in everything; fine art, sculpture, textiles, print – you name it. So I think I found a happy medium in print, because I know I could have gone down the fine art route but I didn’t want to create just one-off pieces. With my work you could say that I was repeating everything, and after about a year on fine art I sat down with my lecturers who suggested that I was more fashion-based or textile-based, and to think about what did I want to do once I left college.

What inspires your prints?

The inspiration for the design of my prints is everywhere in everyday life: I love Surrealist painters like Dali; I’m obsessed with an art movement in America called Pop Surrealism, Mark Ryden is quite big in it; even motifs on kimonos… anything and everything: patterns in nature, patterns in buildings, people walking in motion. I layer everything so when you see my prints at first you might just see the flamingo with an Art Deco repeat print in the background, but if you start to delve into them you’ll see more – people walking along the street, waves crashing against rocks, different things like that.


Why did you decide to apply these to handbags and accessories?

Well, when I started my business four years ago I was doing scarves. I was looking for an outlet. This was when I had come back from working in London as a freelance textile artist for fashion brands like Peter Jensen and Neurotica, where I had ended up doing more on the accessories section. I would design perhaps a scarf or a couple of objects within their collection. When I came back to Ireland I had already built an awareness of factories where I could get silk printed, so I started off just doing small scarves to see if people were interested in my designs or if people would they wear them. I then moved my manufacturing to Italy – as opposed to the UK – because I could get a better quality. I was introduced to some fantastic bag factories, where I was able to print onto leather. You could see it start to come out on the catwalk at that time, a few people were printing on leather, so it just organically happened and the first collection came out really well for me so I just kept going from there.

What is your new collection all about?

It’s about a flamingo and his world. A flamingo trip – an acid trip, I should say! His world, his dream world, the flamingo is put into a land with bonsai trees, ornate English gardens, Art Deco patterns, his psychedelic world. For example, my surreal world print was one of the first prints I designed for the collection – it’s the start of my character’s dream state. He’s on a floating island made out of bonsai trees and horizontal stripes. It’s the place that the flamingo uses as his platform to jump from world to world, entering each new world through the mirrors.I develop all of my print ideas using paint, pencil and line drawing, and then combine that with digital manipulation. When I apply my prints to my handbag shapes, I allow the print to dictate. This season I’ve introduced more playful prints, and I wanted to do a backpack shape as well as new handbag shape. It’s more structured and I think it plays nicely against the more childlike prints. Also, in the crafting of the bags, we make sure to cut each print so that when the bag is closed, the print has a flow and that each line matches up. I think these little details are what set my designs apart. They’re wearable pieces of art and are produced in limited numbers all hand-crafted in 100% leather.

You began your label in 2011 – how have you found it operating out of Ireland?

At the beginning boutiques were scared to stock me because I was different – I wasn’t an Orla Kiely bag, I wasn’t a Scandinavian design, I wasn’t simple. I still don’t know if they know what to do with me! In the future, the plan is to build a whole clothing collection based around the prints also, a one-stop shop. I have my key boutiques that buy, and loyal customers that will buy a bag a season. You want a collector, as they are like fine art pieces. I’m not for everybody, I’m not throwaway fashion.

Lisa Ryder is stocked in Marion Cuddy on the top floor of the Powerscourt Centre. You can see more of her work at

Words: Honor Fitzsimons

Images: Patrick McHugh

The Arc Cancer Support Fashion Show.

2015-03-08 23.07.5


A great night last night at the RDS . Supporting the Arc cancer center Dublin. Thank you to Edmund Shanahan, Brown Thomas and The Weekender Magazine and Irish Independent for a great show. And all the wonderful models. If you did not go you missed a wonderful show. You were treated to some of Irelands top designers as well as Irelands newest talents. As for us here at Lisa Ryder it was our second year and  we designed special garments to go with our new spring summer collection. Thank you to Anna Ryder for not kicking me out of her studio when I gave her the deadline of eight days.